Street Banquet

2019 TAIWANfest Street Banquet - Featured Image

What makes Taiwan one of the world’s most sought-after destinations? The food! At this year’s TAIWANfest, you’ll be whisked straight to the night markets of Asia, as you feast on snacks from across Asia.

The Value Of Democracy – The Taiwan Story Of A Chinese Girl

2019 TAIWANfest The Value of Democracy - Feature Image

Meet writer Alison Zhao. Within her works on the Chinese struggle for human rights and the  feminist movement, her words keep the inner fire of China’s activists shining brightly. Behind her eloquent words and confidence lies someone who watches with both hope and pain, as a new generation seeks to go beyond what has been done before.


2019 TAIWANfest Newspaper - Feature Image

Although he has long been away from his hometown, international student Xiao Wu has settled down in his new home in a foreign land. Yet, not all of his fellow countrymen as are happy as he is.

Go Go Sisters

2019 TAIWANfest Go-Go-Sister - Feature Image

My Dung is suffering from cancer and upon hearing this news, Hieu Phuong is determined to find the other four members of Wild Horse to fulfill My Dung’s last wish. As she searches for her old friends, Hieu Phuong goes through cherished memories of the good old days during high school.

We Were Children

2019 TAIWANfest When we were child - Featured Iamge

For over 100 years, Indigenous children in Canada were legally required to attend church-run boarding schools, an assimilationist practice now regarded as a national and cultural tragedy.