Beer Garden

2019 TAIWANfest Beer Garden - Featured Image

On a hot summer’s day, what beats the glaring sun better than a cold glass of beer? This year at TAIWANfest, in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, you can enjoy an ice-cold beer while enjoying the performances and films on stage!

Street Banquet

2019 TAIWANfest Street Banquet - Featured Image

What makes Taiwan one of the world’s most sought-after destinations? The food! At this year’s TAIWANfest, you’ll be whisked straight to the night markets of Asia, as you feast on snacks from across Asia.

Let’s Savour Taiwan

2019 TAIWANfest Let_s Savour Taiwan - Feature Image

Get to know the island of Taiwan, and discover its stories, with “Let’s Savour Taiwan”!Normally modest and unassuming, Mr. Wu is demanding and strict when it comes to making soy sauce.

Friendship Kitchen – The Alley No.11

2019 TAIWANfest Friendship Kitchen Allie - Feature Image

A professional chef specializing in French cuisine, Allie Huang’s love of food has brought her to expand to new horizons within the culinary arts, including food science, creating her own brand, “Food in Formosa”, and collaborating to open a small coffee shop!

Friendship Kitchen – Hanoi Celebrity Chef

2019 TAIWANfest Chef Hung - Feature Image

If one were to flip open one of his cookbooks, you might spot Chef Nguyen dashing through mountains or racing by the Vietnamese coast. You’ll see him grinning brightly as he gathers the freshest and finest ingredients directly from farmers and fishermen.

Friendship Kitchen

2019 TAIWANfest Friendship Kitchen - Featured Image

Food makes you happy! Sharing enriches your life! When people gather together in the kitchen, they share the experience of preparing food, tasting samples, and engaging in conversations with new friends. Through cooking, people, cultures, and countries can grow closer to one another, exchanging their stories and histories, and communicating with smiles and laughter!