The Value Of Democracy – The Taiwan Story Of A Chinese Girl

2019 TAIWANfest The Value of Democracy - Feature Image

Meet writer Alison Zhao. Within her works on the Chinese struggle for human rights and the  feminist movement, her words keep the inner fire of China’s activists shining brightly. Behind her eloquent words and confidence lies someone who watches with both hope and pain, as a new generation seeks to go beyond what has been done before.

Taiwan Refocus

2019 TAIWANfest Taiwan Refocus - Featured Image

Short for Taiwanese, the Chinese word “Tai” (台) was once looked down upon as tacky, unrefined, and inferior. Yet, Taiwanese visual artist Wen Cheng Lee has set out to reclaim that label, dubbing himself “Super Tai” Wen Cheng Lee!

Taiwan Street Arts

2019 TAIWANfest - Taiwan Street Arts - Feature Image

Growing up surrounded by Taiwanese culture, he draws upon the common sights of Taiwanese daily life in his art and designs, from TV advertisements to flyers to graffiti. The special touch that Milkfish Man adds showcases something within Taiwan’s distinct cultural character.