Metanioa Dance Group

2019 TAIWANfest Metanioa Dance Group - Featured Image

This group of young musicians and dancers seem to have an endless range of talents! Meet the Metanoia Dance Group and their members Rachel, Ivanka, Melanny, and Precious!


2019 TAIWANfest Herstory - Featured Image

Our “History” has been missing the part of “HERSTORY” for far too long. This time, she will be telling her story in English and the language she chooses, so the vividness of her mother tongue can be preserved.


2019 TAIWANfest Newspaper - Feature Image

Although he has long been away from his hometown, international student Xiao Wu has settled down in his new home in a foreign land. Yet, not all of his fellow countrymen as are happy as he is.

Straight Up

2019 TAIWANfest Straight Up - Featured Image

Moulann is a 21st-century metaphysical Madonna. This Toronto-based vocalist, songwriter, and producer comes armed with her keytar and a blazing set of brainy bangers — forging ahead in her lifelong musical quest for love, beauty, and truth. 

The Robot Princes

2019 TAIWANfest The Robot Princes - Feature Image

There are thousands upon thousands of groups who can sing and dance. Yet. this unique group of Taiwanese performers couldn’t me more special. They do not fear tiring out, nor do they fear the spotlight.