Food makes you happy! Sharing enriches your life! When people gather together in the kitchen, they share the experience of preparing food, tasting samples, and engaging in conversations with new friends. Through cooking, people, cultures, and countries can grow closer to one another, exchanging their stories and histories, and communicating with smiles and laughter! Tasting a friend’s dish is like opening a door to another part of this world –  a door that leads us to understand foreign cultures, while bringing us closer to our loved ones.

At TAIWANfest 2019, we’ve invited three chefs from three different cities across the world who became friends through their shared passion for food! Meet Chef Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng from Hanoi, Vietnam, Josie Chang from Taichung, Taiwan, and Allie Huang from Tainan, Taiwan! These three inventive chefs are ready to work together with local chefs from Toronto and Vancouver, joining in with Canadians from different backgrounds – sharing their love for cooking, savouring these unique experiences in life, and indulging into their exquisite dishes!