This group of young musicians and dancers seem to have an endless range of talents! Meet the Metanoia Dance Group and their members Rachel, Ivanka, Melanny, and Precious! Rachel is a singer, dancer, and pianist whose experiences include winning various singing competitions, while Ivanka is a guitarist with a love for music and cultural dance. Melanny is a passionate musician with a love for singing and the piano who has performed at numerous charitable events, and Precious is a multi-talented artist, with skills from guitar to piano to dance. They’ll use their singing and dancing talents to liven up the stage!

Ivanka Marie Guillermo is a 15 year old student at Windermere Secondary School. She loves to run and has a passion for music and cultural dance. Ivanka is also part of a band named “Dauntless”, where she plays the lead guitar.

Rachel Andrea Carino is 15 years old and is entering Grade 10 at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School. At the age of 8, Rachel started her vocal training with Kikz de Leon. From there, she expanded her artistic side and became part of the Metanoia Dancers. In addition to her love for dance, she also has a passion for singing and is a member of the youth choir at St. Mary’s Parish. Aside from singing in the choir, Rachel also attends the Sarah McLachlan School of Music. Rachel is also a member of the band named “Dauntless” at the Metanoia Music and Dance Studio, where she plays piano and is one of the lead singers. Rachel’s experiences also include winning various singing competitions.

Melanny is a passionate musician. Music has been a part of her everyday life since the age of 5. Not only does she love to sing, but Melanny also plays the piano and performs at charitable events both as a soloist and with her band,”Revbelation”.

Precious Lara Marzan Ortega is a 13 year old student at Windermere Secondary School that takes guitar, band and dance classes at Metanoia Music Studio, in addition to playing the piano and taking part in the British Columbia Girls Senior Choir. Aside from her passion towards music, Precious also enjoys playing sports and was awarded Female Athlete awards for 3 years in a row in Saint Mary’s Elementary School.


šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énk Square
(Formerly known as Vancouver Art Gallery, North Plaza)

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM