Although he has long been away from his hometown, international student Xiao Wu has settled down in his new home in a foreign land. Yet, not all of his fellow countrymen as are happy as he is. The newspaper often tells the stories of far away villagers and the hardships they endure. Through a strange phone call, Xiao Wu is dragged away from familiarity, and thrown straight into the stories that once seemed so distant to him. In the heat wave-ravaged south of the island, he meets Li Li. As he watches her, he sees the stories of the women from the newspaper, the stories of those struggling with their identity and purpose in life. No longer is he reading from a newspaper, but Xiao Wu now sees firsthand the tough lives of these women, far away from their own homes.

Combining theatre, dance, pop music, and storytelling,《Newspaper》is a story of the resilience of women, of the women who travel to far away lands in search of a better life. This is no fairy tale filled with laughter and happiness It is a tale of the trials and tests we face in reality. Yet, in the face of hardship, they have not been defeated. Instead, women have demonstrated their unique qualities of resilience, and the tenacity to overcome adversity one step at a time.



4:30 PM - 5:30 PM