Rhythm is like a heartbeat. The heartbeat-like vibe gives percussion a sense of humanness and familiarity. Even from infancy, human instinct is to hit and strike. Perhaps, that is what makes percussion music lively and spirited.

When on stage, the band and their three members are radiant, passionate, and energetic, with their combination of rock and traditional Chinese percussion. You’ll notice their blend of Mandarin and Taiwanese lyrics, which awaken one’s cultural roots and memories of their homeland, passed down through the generations.

Alongside caring and cherishing their families, they are not afraid to stand up for their rights, or to fight for their loved ones. In days past, as families left their homelands for a new home named Canada, women were the backbone, the ones keeping families together.

Growing up surrounded by Taiwanese culture, he draws upon the common sights of Taiwanese daily life in his art and designs, from TV advertisements to flyers to graffiti. The special touch that Milkfish Man adds showcases something within Taiwan’s distinct cultural character.

In the shadows of the temples, the stage reveals limitless colours, and bold designs. Under the radiance of the lights, dancers dance passionately and energetically. In the audiences, men, women, and children gather with smiles - this is one of Taiwan’s most unique sights.

Short for Taiwanese, the Chinese word “Tai” (台) was once looked down upon as tacky, unrefined, and inferior. Yet, Taiwanese visual artist Wen Cheng Lee has set out to reclaim that label, dubbing himself “Super Tai” Wen Cheng Lee!

Meet Taiwanese musician Suana Emuy Cilangasay.  Suana never knew he was of Indigenous Taiwanese descent, only discovering his parents were members of the Amis and Sakizaya people at age 14.

How did she become the first non-native Taiwanese to serve as emcee at Taiwan’s National Day celebrations?

The world is familiar with soy sauce, the multipurpose, versatile condiment. Bottles are found at grocery stores and supermarkets across the world, yet what is true flavour of soy sauce...

Food makes you happy! Sharing enriches your life! When people gather together in the kitchen, they share the experience of preparing food, tasting samples, and engaging in conversations with new friends. Through cooking, people, cultures, and countries can grow closer to one another, exchanging their stories and histories, and communicating with smiles and laughter!

If one were to flip open one of his cookbooks, you might spot Chef Nguyen dashing through mountains or racing by the Vietnamese coast. You’ll see him grinning brightly as he gathers the freshest and finest ingredients directly from farmers and fishermen.

Drawing elements from the French colonial days in Vietnam, the restaurant exhibits a quality of delicacy and uniqueness. One would never guess that the background of the owner of this quaint restaurant was not always in the culinary arts, but originally in the finance industry.

A professional chef specializing in French cuisine, Allie Huang’s love of food has brought her to expand to new horizons within the culinary arts, including food science, creating her own brand, “Food in Formosa”, and collaborating to open a small coffee shop!

Get to know the island of Taiwan, and discover its stories, with “Let’s Savour Taiwan”!Normally modest and unassuming, Mr. Wu is demanding and strict when it comes to making soy sauce.

This is a dialogue about music and identity. Four musicians from four cultures, Each of different ethnicities, Yet, who share the same life experiences. They will meet for the first time, Exchanging their stories through music.

Meeting photographer Bao Khanh and observing his work strike a similar tone. There is a sense of quiet, calm, and introspect, yet an aura of strength radiates.  

Prior to major Han immigration to Taiwan in the 17th century, Indigenous populations had been living in Taiwan for thousands of years. Through changing eras, people of a vast range of backgrounds arrived in and immigrated to Taiwan.

There are thousands upon thousands of groups who can sing and dance. Yet. this unique group of Taiwanese performers couldn’t me more special. They do not fear tiring out, nor do they fear the spotlight.

Reading helps people develop the ability of independent thinking; to read, is to understand the meaning of....

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko has been performing in numerous cultural festivals, charity functions, sporting events, and anniversary events for the last 15 years.

Moulann is a 21st-century metaphysical Madonna. This Toronto-based vocalist, songwriter, and producer comes armed with her keytar and a blazing set of brainy bangers — forging ahead in her lifelong musical quest for love, beauty, and truth. 

Khac Chi Bamboo Music is an incredibly talented group of Vietnam’s premier musicians that have won the hearts of audiences in 25 countries over the globe.

For over 100 years, Indigenous children in Canada were legally required to attend church-run boarding schools, an assimilationist practice now regarded as a national and cultural tragedy.

My Dung is suffering from cancer and upon hearing this news, Hieu Phuong is determined to find the other four members of Wild Horse to fulfill My Dung’s last wish. As she searches for her old friends, Hieu Phuong goes through cherished memories of the good old days during high school.

Vi An Diep is a world music and instrumental recording artist, and composer for film, theatre, and dance companies around the world.  

Tiffany Moses is a vocalist and audio engineer currently living in Vancouver, BC. Inspired by a love of music, she has been singing since she was a young girl following her grandfather into the bush.

May 24, 2019 marks the historical event when Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.

Although he has long been away from his hometown, international student Xiao Wu has settled down in his new home in a foreign land. Yet, not all of his fellow countrymen as are happy as he is.

Meet writer Alison Zhao. Within her works on the Chinese struggle for human rights and the  feminist movement, her words keep the inner fire of China’s activists shining brightly. Behind her eloquent words and confidence lies someone who watches with both hope and pain, as a new generation seeks to go beyond what has been done before.

How did a star of the Vietnamese National Circus become a star in traditional Taiwanese opera? Since childhood, Annie Nguyen dreamed of being a Vietnamese drama star, so what led her to an old Taiwanese theatre company?

She is the dazzling light on the stage, the one the spotlights follow. Her name draws thoughts of modern dance and poetry, the melodies, and the rhythms.

What makes Taiwan one of the world’s most sought-after destinations? The food! At this year’s TAIWANfest, you’ll be whisked straight to the night markets of Asia, as you feast on snacks from across Asia.

In 2019, the little Pig Heroes began their journey from LunarFest in the winter. This summer, they’ll continue their quest at TAIWANfest, as they search for the people with the most precise touch on Granville Street - all in an effort to help those in need!

Perhaps you’ve been at TAIWANfest, and wondered where to find the show you want to watch. You might’ve spent valuable time wandering the venues, searching for someone to ask.

There is no doubt, Taiwan is an important place for the preservation and celebration of the puppet theatre. With its origins in folk culture and customs, the puppet show is a common sight at Taiwanese temple celebrations.

You don’t have to venture all the way to Hanoi to experience the thousand-year history of the Vietnamese water puppets! This summer, parents and children alike can be puppeteers at TAIWANfest, controlling puppets from buffaloes to tortoises to villagers.

Behind the eyes of these female writers, they are reflecting on their own life stories, one by one, word by word. These stories are not necessarily historical chronicles, political commentaries, or biographies of the famous.

When family and friends - big or small - are together, it’s the perfect chance to show off your creativity with arts and crafts! Once again, TAIWANfest is preparing a world of fun for the whole family!

The three inventive chefs are ready to work together with local chefs from Toronto and Vancouver, joining in with Canadians from different backgrounds...

On a hot summer’s day, what beats the glaring sun better than a cold glass of beer? This year at TAIWANfest, in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, you can enjoy an ice-cold beer while enjoying the performances and films on stage!

Our “History” has been missing the part of “HERSTORY” for far too long. This time, she will be telling her story in English and the language she chooses, so the vividness of her mother tongue can be preserved.

This group of young musicians and dancers seem to have an endless range of talents! Meet the Metanoia Dance Group and their members Rachel, Ivanka, Melanny, and Precious!